TransUnion hired research firm Zogby Analytics to survey 1,000 adults in America about their thoughts on financial issues. The survey was done in December. Here are some of the results.

  • 53.5 percent say one of their financial resolutions for 2013 is to save more money.
  • 48.7 percent say they want to spend less on unnecessary expenses.
  • 42.3 percent say they want to pay down existing debt.

But the result I found most interesting was reported in USA Today on Jan. 9. Americans were asked whether it is financially better to rent or to buy a house.

  • 66 percent said it was financially better to buy a house.
  • 21 percent said it was financially better to rent a house.
  • 13 percent were unsure.

If you listened to the media for too long over the past five years, you might think that Americans would never buy a house again . . . that they were all going to rent apartments in urban areas and ride bicycles to work. I’m not sure that scenario is really going to pan out.


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